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haridwar is the sacred town located in India. It is known for housing many popular temples for Hindus. The town’s name is an amalgamation of two words, Hari (meaning God) and Dwar (Gate). Many temples are located in this holy town, out of which maximum are dedicated either to Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu.

Famous Temples of haridwar are:

Mansa Devi Temple
This is the most visited temple of haridwar and is dedicated to the Mansa Devi, who is the incarnation of Goddess Durga. It is very interesting to see the temple located at the top of the Bilwa hill.

Pawan Dham Temple
This is the most ancient temple located at a 2 kilometers distance from the town. It is known for its very famous glasswork that is presented in a grand way on the walls of the temple. Pawan Dham temple is counted among the must-visit temples of haridwar.

Maya Devi Temple
This famous temple of Maya Devi is devoted to the goddess of power or Shakti. The Maya Devi temple is considered one among the famous Shaktipeeths of the country. According to a legend, when lord Shiva was carrying his wife - Sati, the heart and the naval of Goddess Sati fell at this place.

Vaishno Devi Temple
Don’t be surprised at this mention; it’s actually the replica of the original Vaishno Devi temple located in Jammu. The Vaishno Devi temple of haridwar is quite new unlike the ancient original temple in Jammu. Similar to the temple in Jammu, the path that leads to the inner worship area of the temple is full of tunnels and caves.

Parameshwar Mahadev Temple
This temple is located at around 4 kilometers away from the haridwar town. The Parameshwar Mahadev temple is famous for the huge lingam, which is made up of mercury.

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